Jamstack.Training is an educational portal dedicated to bringing immersive video courses about the various aspects of the Jamstack

These free courses are for you if you wish to learn about the technologies, services and tools available at your disposal, allowing you to create amazing Jamstack experiences. The courses cover static site generators, headless CMSes and a vast number of services as well as API providers and deployment providers. The intention behind the courses is to display a combination of best of breed technologies utilised in the Jamstack.

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Remix your developer skills

Remix your developer skills

#Remix #Supabase #Netlify

Learn how to use Remix with Supabase to create your next application

Ship Less JavaScript with Astro

Ship Less JavaScript with Astro

#Astro #Cloudflare

Learn how to create performant Jamstack sites with this new static site generator

Create Jamstack Applications with SvelteKit

Create Jamstack Applications with SvelteKit

#SvelteKit #Cloudinary #Contentful #Vercel

An amazing Jamstack experience using Svelte and Contentful

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